DATE=10/13/1999 TYPE=CORRESPONDENT REPORT TITLE=SENATE-TEST BAN TREATY (L) NUMBER=2-254976 BYLINE=DAVID SWAN DATELINE=CAPITOL HILL CONTENT= VOICED AT: INTRO: The U-S Senate appears headed toward rejecting the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, with conservative lawmakers blocking attempts to put off a vote. As V-O-A's David Swan reports, a decision on ratification or rejection could come within hours (Wednesday). TEXT: Senators have spent several days negotiating a delay in the vote, which all sides agree would send the treaty down to defeat. But a pessimistic Democratic leader Tom Daschle tells reporters he has put forth his best offer and can not meet the demands of what he calls far-right Republicans. These conservatives want blanket guarantees the treaty will not be raised again in this administration, even in some possible international crisis. Mr. Daschle cites the coup in nuclear-armed Pakistan to show why he will not give such assurances. /// Daschle act /// I can not say today what will happen internationally. I do know that we've got a better idea of what is happening as a result of what's happening in Pakistan in the last 24 hours. But how many more international incidences could occur in the next 12 to 16 months? /// end act /// The treaty would outlaw all nuclear testing once it is ratified by 44 nuclear-capable states. Its supporters say U-S rejection would send the wrong signal to other countries in this group. But virtually none of the Senate's majority Republicans support the test ban. Critics say it can not be verified and would weaken the nation's arsenal, while allowing rogue states to keep on developing and testing nuclear weapons. Republican James Inhofe is one of those who oppose delaying the vote and hope to kill the treaty outright. /// Inhofe act /// We have this flawed treaty, this treaty that allows our adversaries to conduct underground (nuclear) tests while we can't do it. /// end act /// Barring some last-minute compromise, a final vote is likely later in the day (Wednesday). If the treaty loses, Democrats vow they will use the issue to attack Republicans in next year's election campaign. (Signed) Neb/DS/JP 13-Oct-1999 13:10 PM EDT (13-Oct-1999 1710 UTC) NNNN Source: Voice of America .