DATE=10/8/1999 TYPE=CORRESPONDENT REPORT TITLE=CLINTON - TEST BAN (L) NUMBER=2-254821 BYLINE=DAVID GOLLUST DATELINE=WHITE HOUSE CONTENT= VOICED AT: Intro: President Clinton, at a news conference in Canada, has called on the U-S Senate to delay its planned vote next week on the global treaty banning underground nuclear tests. V-O-A's David Gollust has details from Ottawa. Text: In appealing for delay, Mr. Clinton acknowledged that pro-treaty forces simply do not have the two- thirds majority need for ratification in the Senate, which is controlled by the Republican Party. But at the same time, Mr. Clinton refused to make an appeal in writing to postpone legislative action until after he has left office, as some Republicans have demanded. The president accused the majority party in Congress of playing politics with the issue: /// Clinton actuality /// They want me to give them a letter to cover the political decision they have made that does severe damage to the interests of the United States and the interests of non-proliferation in the world. I don't think so. That's not what this is about. They have to take responsibility for whether they want to reverse 50 years of American leadership in (nuclear) non-proliferation that the Republicans have been just as involved in as the Democrats. ///end act///