DATE=10/4/1999 TYPE=CORRESPONDENT REPORT TITLE=TEST BAN ONITE (S-ONLY) NUMBER=2-254616 BYLINE=DEBORAH TATE DATELINE=LOS ANGELES CONTENT= VOICED AT: // eds.: Clinton scheduled to arrive at Andrews AFB 6am edt, Monday // INTRO: President Clinton is returning to Washington after a three-day trip to Nevada and California to raise money for Democratic candidates in next year's general elections. Once back at the White House, Mr. Clinton will try to persuade a reluctant Republican-led Senate to ratify the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty in a vote scheduled for next week. Correspondent Deborah Tate reports from Los Angeles. Text: Clinton administration officials and Congressional Democrats acknowledge the Senate lacks the 67 votes - or two-thirds majority - necessary to ratify the test ban treaty, and will work this week to try to persuade majority Republicans that the pact is in the U.S. interest. Republican leaders say the treaty is flawed because it cannot be verified. Unnamed Central Intelligence Agency officials made a similar point in the Washinigton Post newspaper Sunday. They are quoted as saying they are not able to monitor low-level nuclear tests by Russia precisely enough to ensure compliance with the treaty. But White House officials disagree - saying the accord, which Mr. Clinton signed three years ago, would give the United States more tools to verify compliance, while constraining other nations from testing. It is an argument Mr. Clinton is expected to underscore Tuesday when he addresses the issue at a defense bill signing ceremony at the Pentagon. (signed) Neb/dat/plm 04-Oct-1999 01:55 AM EDT (04-Oct-1999 0555 UTC) NNNN Source: Voice of America .