DATE=5/28/2000 TYPE=CORRESPONDENT REPORT TITLE=RUSSIA/TEST BAN TREATY (L) CQ NUMBER=2-262906 BYLINE=EVE CONANT DATELINE=MOSCOW CONTENT= VOICED AT: INTRO: Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, a global ban on nuclear weapons testing. Moscow Correspondent Eve Conant reports the signing comes one week ahead of a summit with President Bill Clinton, where nuclear arms issues are to top the agenda. TEXT: The Kremlin press service says President Putin has signed the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty which calls for a world-wide ban on nuclear testing. Russia's parliament recently ratified the treaty, which the United States Senate rejected last year after opponents argued it would undermine U-S security. Other nuclear powers that have not accepted the treaty include India, Pakistan, and North Korea. Mr. Putin's signing of the test ban treaty comes just one week ahead of a scheduled summit with U-S President Bill Clinton. The two leaders are to discuss a range of issues from Moscow's offensive in Chechnya to Russia's bid to join the World Trade Organization. But the talks are to focus on nuclear arms issues and non-proliferation. Russia has recently ratified the START-Two arms accord that would see both the United States and Russia slash their nuclear arsenals in half. A START-Three accord would lower their arsenals to no more than 25-hundred warheads. But Russia's cash-strapped government has proposed even deeper cuts. Mr. Putin is also expected to voice his opposition to a U-S proposal to build a limited missile defense shield. Russian officials argue that doing so would violate the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty which Moscow views as the cornerstone of all nuclear arms control agreements. A senior U-S official told reporters this week not to expect Mr. Putin and Mr. Clinton to reach an agreement on the amendment to the A-B-M Treaty. /// OFFICIAL ACT /// Our approach is looking at a (U-S) presidential decision on whether to build a missile defense system. But the Russians so far have given no go-ahead, no indication they are willing to accept the amendments to the A-B-M treaty that will be necessary for us to do that and keep the A-B-M framework intact. /// END ACT /// Russian President Vladimir Putin has made arms reduction one of his key foreign policy priorities since being elected late March. (Signed) NEB/EC/ALW/PLM 28-May-2000 14:41 PM EDT (28-May-2000 1841 UTC) NNNN Source: Voice of America .