ACDA   Arms Control and Disarmament Agency
ACIU   Arms Control Implementation Unit
ACV   armored combat vehicle
AIFV   armored infantry fighting vehicle
AMC   Air Mobility Command
APC   armored personnel carrier
ATTU   Atlantic to the Urals
BDU   battle dress uniform
CAEST   conventional armaments and equipment subject to the treaty
CBMs   confidence-building measures
CFE Treaty   Conventional Armed Forces in Europe Treaty
CIS   Commonwealth of Independent States
CIVA   Centro Italiano de Ver�fica de Armi
CSBMs   confidence and security building measures
CSCE   Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe
CWC   Chemical Weapons Convention
DLI   Defense Language Institute
DoD   Department of Defense
DPSS   designated permanent storage sites
EIF   entry into force
EO   European Operations
EU   European Union
EUCOM   European Command
FAO   foreign area officer
FSC   Forum for Security Cooperation
GDR   German Democratic Republic
GMT   Greenwich mean time
GSFG   Group of Soviet Forces in Germany
HLTF   High Level Task Force
INF Treaty   Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces
INMARSAT   International Maritime Satellite
ISS   Inspection Support Staff
JACIG   Joint Arms Control Implementation Group
JCG   Joint Consultative Group
JCS   Joint Chiefs of Staff
LNO   liaison officer
MAC   Military Airlift Command
MBFR   Mutual and Balanced Force Reductions
MD   Military District
mm   millimeter
NACC   North Atlantic Cooperation Council
NAKI   National Agency for Control and Inspections
NATO   North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NCO   noncommissioned officer
NRCC   Nuclear Risk Reduction Center
NSC   National Security Council
NSD 41   National Security Directive 41
NTM   national technical means
NTT   Nuclear Testing Treaties
OOV   object of verification
OSCE   Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe
OSIA   On-Site Inspection Agency
PACAF   Pacific Air Forces
PNET   Peaceful Nuclear Explosions Treaty
POC   point of contact
POE   point of entry
POET   Protocol on Existing Types of Conventional Armaments and Equipment
RAF   Royal Air Force
RLVP   residual level validation period
SAC   Strategic Air Command
SHAPE   Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe
SRF   Strategic Rocket Forces
START   Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty
TAMC   Theater Army Materiel Command
TLE   treaty-limited equipment
TTBT   Threshold Test Ban Treaty
UFV   L'Unit� Fran�aise de V�rification
USA   U.S. Army
USAF   U.S. Air Force
USAFA   U.S. Air Force Academy
USAFE   U.S. Air Forces in Europe
USAREUR   U.S. Army Europe
USARI   U.S. Army Russian Institute
USCINCEUR   U.S. Commander in Chief, Europe
USEUCOM   U.S. European Command
USLANTCOM   U.S. Atlantic Command
USMC   U.S. Marine Corps
USMLM   U.S. Military Liaison Mission
USN   U.S. Navy
USNAVEUR   U.S. Navy Europe
USSR   Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
UVB   L'Unit� Belge de V�rification
VCC   Verification Coordinating Committee
VICS   Verification and Implementation Coordination Section
WTO   Warsaw Treaty Organization
ZVBW   Zentrum f�r Verifikationsaufgaben der Bundeswehr


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