Press Release # 26
October 7th, 1999

Statement of the Russian Foreign Ministry Representative

It has become known that on October 2, 1999 the United States carried out a flight test of an anti-missile against a Minuteman strategic ballistic missile with a dummy warhead within the framework of its program of creating a national ABM system. This test is a step that runs counter to the 1972 ABM Treaty in which Article 1 bans the very creation of a basis for such a defense. These actions by the United States in effect undermine the key provisions of the ABM Treaty with all the ensuing negative consequences the responsibility for which will rest with the United States.

What is actually being placed in jeopardy is the structure of international arms control treaties and agreements, the regime of non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and also the existing system of strategic stability.

Russia persistently comes out for the preservation and for making more effective the ABM Treaty as a crucial element of ensuring strategic stability in the world and continuing the process of nuclear disarmament. In this context it is in the interests of the entire world community to resolutely come out in support of this agreement which is of key importance for international security.

Moscow, October 5, 1999