DATE=4/25/2000 TYPE=CORRESPONDENT REPORT TITLE=U-N-IVANOV ON MISSILE DEFENSE (L-O) NUMBER=2-261711 BYLINE=BRECK ARDERY DATELINE=UNITED NATIONS CONTENT= VOICED AT: INTRO: Russia's Foreign Minister Igor Invanov warn s (Tuesday) that U-S plans to develop a national missile defense system could jeopardize the entire structure of nuclear disarmament agreements. Correspondent Breck Ardery reports from the United Nations. TEXT: Speaking to a U-N-sponsored conference on the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, Mr. Ivanov pointed with pride to his nation's record of reducing its stockpiles of missiles and tactical nuclear weapons. He noted an agreement between the United States and Russia pledges both sides to no more than 25-hundred nuclear warheads by 2007 and said Russia would like to see that number even lower, at about 15-hundred each. But Mr. Ivanov expressed great concern about plans by the United States to develop a national missile defense system that would provide a shield against nuclear attack. He said such a system would clearly violate the existing Anti-Ballistic Missile treaty. Speaking through an English translator, Mr. Ivanov indicated an American missile defense system would upset the entire foundation of nuclear disarmament. /// IVANOV TRANSLATOR ACT /// We must be perfectly clear about this, further reductions in strategic offensive weapons can only be considered as closely complimentary to the preservation of the A-B-M treaty. /// END ACT /// The United States says the missile defense system under consideration would be quite narrow, designed to defend against limited attacks from smaller nations and would constitute no threat to Russia's nuclear deterrent capability. Mr. Ivanov said Russia shares U-S concerns about smaller nations obtaining nuclear-missile capability, but added there is another way to deal with the problem besides violating the A-B-M treaty. /// INANOV TRANSLATOR ACT /// Russia is prepared to engage in the broadest consultations on this issue, both with the United States and multi-laterally too. The Russian initiative to establish a global missile and missile technology non-proliferation control system serves this very purpose. /// END ACT /// Mr. Ivanov says an international missile technology control system would establish joint action against the threat of nuclear weapons in the hands of smaller nations. (SIGNED) NEB/UN/BA/LSF/RAE 25-Apr-2000 15:07 PM EDT (25-Apr-2000 1907 UTC) NNNN Source: Voice of America .