DATE=4/25/2000 TYPE=CORRESPONDENT REPORT TITLE=CLINTON - IVANOV (L-ONITER) NUMBER=2-261726 BYLINE=DEBORAH TATE DATELINE=WHITE HOUSE CONTENT= VOICED AT: INTRO: Russian Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov meets with his U-S counterpart, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright here in Washington Wednesday for talks that are expected to include Moscow's policy in the breakaway region of Chechnya. On Tuesday, President Clinton met with Mr. Ivanov to discuss arms control and his upcoming summit with Russian President-elect Vladimir Putin. Correspondent Deborah Tate reports from the White House. Text: National Security Council spokesman Mike Hammer says arms control dominated Mr. Clinton's meeting with Mr. Ivanov. He said the President called for stepped up efforts by both countries to make deeper cuts in their nuclear arsenals, now that the Russian Duma has ratified Start Two. The United States also wants to amend the 1972 Anti- Ballistic Missile Treaty to allow for a limited national missile defense system, something Russia opposes. But emerging from his White House talks, Mr. Ivanov took a softer approach to the issue, telling reporters that security would be better protected if the ABM Treaty was kept intact, but also saying that Moscow is ready to listen to any suggestions. Mr. Clinton has not made a final decision on missile defense. Differences over that issue as well as Russia's military campaign in Chechnya threaten to cast a cloud over the planned summit between Mr. Clinton and Mr. Putin in Moscow in early June. But while acknowledging that disagreements exist with the United States, Mr. Ivanov - speaking through a translator - said Moscow wants to strengthen relations with Washington. // Ivanov actuality // Russia is interested in further developing constructive relations and dynamic relations in all areas of our interaction. // end act // Mr. Clinton met with Mr. Ivanov for about 20 minutes, with Secretary of State Albright and National Security Council Advisor Sandy Berger in attendance. The talks continued for another half hour after Mr. Clinton left. NSC spokesman Hammer said the President and the Foreign Minister also discussed Mr. Putin's plans for economic reform and combating crime and corruption, with MR. Clinton underscoring the importance of Russia accelerating reform and doing more to fight money laundering and strengthen the rule of law. Mr. Hammer says Russia's policy in Chechnya did not come up during Mr. Clinton's talks with Mr. Ivanov. He says the United States has made its position very clear to Russian officials, and noted that the UN Human Rights Commission voted to condemn Russia for its actions in Chechnya just hours before the White House meeting. Mr. Hammer says the issue will be raised by Secretary of State Albright when she meets with Mr. Ivanov Wednesday. (Signed) NEB/DAT/PT 25-Apr-2000 19:55 PM EDT (25-Apr-2000 2355 UTC) NNNN Source: Voice of America .