Spokeperson on US extra budget for NMD research and development

Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Jan 18, 2000)

Q: It is reported that President Clinton has asked the US Congress for an extra budget of $2.2 billion for the research and development of National Missile Defense(NMD) system. What is your comment on that?

A: The United States has the largest and most sophisticated nuclear and conventional arsenals in the world. It is now making great efforts to develop NMD and TMD systems. This decision of the United States runs against the trend of the time and does not help the international arms control and disarmament efforts. It will have a far-reaching and profound negative impact on global and regional strategic balance and stability in the 21st century. China hereby expresses its serious concern.

China maintains the view that the development, deployment and transfer of anti-missile systems that have strategic defense potentials can not enhance security and stop missile proliferation. On the contrary, it will only endanger security, encourage the proliferation of missiles, and violate ABM treaty. The ABM treaty, as a treaty that has great significance in maintaining global strategic balance and stability and keeping up the momentum of nuclear disarmament process, should be strictly observed.

On Dec. 1st , 1999, the 54th session of the UNGA adopted with an overwhelming majority the resolution co-sponsored by Russia, China and Belarus on preservation of and compliance with the ABM treaty. It demonstrates that the international community is virtually unanimous in its opposition to or disapproval of the attempts by the country concerned to amend the ABM treaty and carry out R&D on anti-missile systems. We urge the country concerned to heed in earnest the strong appeal of the international community, think twice before act and give up the above-mentioned plan.