Current as of: June 25, 1996
Created June 25, 1996


On June 24 in Geneva, the Standing Consultative Commission (SCC) completed a session that began May 20 -- its second session of 1996 and the 52nd since its establishment.

During this session, Belarus, Kazakstan, Russia, Ukraine, and the United States continued negotiations in four areas:

As of the end of this session, there is preliminary agreement among all the SCC participants on the texts of two documents: a Memorandum of Understanding on succession and an Agreed Statement relating to demarcation. In addition, after the Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakstan delegations had departed Geneva, the United States and Russia reached agreement on the other two documents. Consultations with those states will continue, and we are hopeful that they will soon be able to join the accord reached by the United States and Russia. Thereafter, the documents will be referred to governments for internal review and approval prior to beginning the formal process leading to entry into force.