Coronavirus Project

Welcome to the Coronavirus Project. This new initiative of FAS aims to debunk misinformation circulating the web on matters of public health and safety, as well as provide clear and sourced information for policymakers. Below, we cut through the noise to present clear information and advice for the public, policymakers, and reporters looking for scientist-led and evidence-based analysis.

Ask A Scientist

More questions and answers can be found on our new Ask A Scientist page, where you can easily search our database of questions, as well as ask our network of scientists your pressing questions.

Our projects

Translating science for the public

Summaries of scientific papers making research on the SARS-CoV-2 accessible

Scientist Q&A

Answers to questions from the public surrounding causes, cases, and more about SARS-CoV-2

Debunking disinformation

Correcting viral disinformation about SARS-CoV-2 found around the web

Disinformation reports

On social media, disinformation can spread quickly. Science, with archaic terminology and complex communications challenges, is particularly vulnerable when it comes to the impact of disinformation. In these reports, we track the trends, hot topics, and impact of science, medicine, and COVID-19 disinformation, from conspiracy theories to coordinated campaigns.

9/23/20: Vaccine news stories hosting malware disseminated across Spanish-language Twitter

9/02/20: Global enthusiasm and American trepidation in Russian diplomatic vaccine efforts

8/14/20: #Plandemic to #Scamdemic

7/30/20: Masks, microchips, Michigan, and misinformation

7/16/20: 5G, Fauci, and a Forbes interview

7/2/20: Testing increases, deadly masks, and lab-engineering and other myths

Shareable social media PSAs

Below you’ll find a series of PSA images explaining why and how to wear a mask. You can find PSAs in Spanish. Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, French, Hebrew, Italian, Urdu, and Farsi. You can view and download images on Imgur.

FAS Coronavirus Team


Mike Fisher
Senior Fellow


Neekta Hamidi


Lindsay Milliken
Research Assistant

diana reyes

Diana Rayes
Research Assistant


Kathryn Kohn
Communications Manager

Join us!

If you are a scientist, technologist, or grad student who wants to join our network of experts and contribute research and resources to this project and futures ones, reach out to us here.