Watercraft Materiel Master Plan



ABS American Bureau of Shipping

AC Active Component

ALO authorized level of organization

ANCOC advanced noncommissioned officers course

AOR Area of Responsibility

APOD aerial port of debarkation

APOE aerial port of embarkation

AR Army Regulation

ARPA Army Research Projects Agency

ASAP Army Streamlined Acquisition Process

AMC Army Materiel Command

ASMP Army Strategic Mobility Program

ATCOM Aviation and Troop Command

AWMAG Army Watercraft Management Action Group

AWMP Army Watercraft Master Plan

AWR Army War Reserve

BC Barge Cargo

BCDK Barge Conversion Deck-Enclosure Kit

BD Barge Derrick

BEAM The extreme width of a ship

BNCOC basic noncommisioned officers course

BOLLARD PULL The maximum pulling power of a ship at a given power rating,
with no way on.

BRDEC Belvoir Research, Development and Evaluation Center

BURU Bottom Up Review Update

C2 Command and Control

CASCOM Combined Arms Support Command

CEN communication, electronic, and navigation

CENTCOM Central Command

CF causeway ferry

CFR Code of Federal Regulations

CINC Commander in Chief

CMF Containerized Maintenance Facility

CPL(P) corporal (promotable)

CO Contingency Operations (Previously known as OOTW)

COLS Container Off Load System

CONUS Continental United States

COSCOM Corps Support Command

CSA Chief of Staff of the Army

CS combat support

CSS combat service support

CY calendar year

DA Department of the Army

DISPLACEMENT The weight of the total amount of water a vessel displaces

when afloat.

DCSLOG Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics

DCSOPS Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations

DoD Department of Defense

DoT Department of Transportation

DPG Defense Planning Guidance

DPP dedicated procurement program

DPT duty performance test

DRAFT The depth a vessel sinks to when afloat.

DS Direct Support

EELS Early Entry Lethality and Survivability

EIR Equipment Improvement Report

EPA Environmental Protection Agency

EPP extended planning period

ESP extended service program (previously known as SLEP)

EUL economic useful life

FC floating causeway; floating craft

FLO/FLO float-on/float-off

FM Field Manual

Force XXI America’s Army of the 21st Century

FMS Floating Machine Shop

FORSCOM Forces Command

FSS Fast Sealift Ship

FTX field training exercise

FUE First Unit Equipped

FY Fiscal Year

GMDSS Global Marine Distress Safety System

GPS global positioning system

GS General Support

HLPS heavy lift prepositioned ship

HMCC Harbor Master Communication Center

HSPF High Speed Passenger Ferry

HSPF High Speed Passenger Ferry

HTI Horizontal Technology Insertion

ILO in lien of

IMO International Maritime Organization

IPL Integrated Priority List

IPR in process review

ISO International Standards Organization

IWO Inland Waterway Operation

LACV-30 Lighter Air Cushion Vehicle — 30 Ton

JIPT Joint Integrated Process Team

JLOTS Joint Logistics-Over-the-Shore

JMLS Joint Modular Lighterage System

JOTE Joint Over the Shore Transportation Estimator

JROC Joint Requirements Oversight Council

JWCA Joint Warfighting Capabilities Assessment

KNOT A unit of speed commonly used in navigation and expressed
in nautical miles per hour (1 statute mile = 1.15 nautical miles)

LARC lighter, amphibious resupply cargo

LASH Lighter Aboard Ship

LCM-8 Landing Craft, Mechanized

LCAC Landing Craft, Air Cushion

LCU Landing Craft, Utility

LENGTH OVERALL The distance between the forward and after extremities of
a ship’s hull.

LIN line item number

LMI Logistics Management Institute

LMSR large, medium speed RO/RO

LOC Line of Communication

LO/LO lift-on/lift-off

LOTS Logistics-Over-the-Shore

LPD Landing Platform, Deck

LRC Lesser Regional Conflict

LSC Logistic Services Craft

LSD Landing Ship, Dock

LST Landing Ship, Tank

LSV Logistics Support Vessel

L/T Long Tons (2,240 pounds)

LT Large Tug

M3 Multi-Mission Modules

MC material change

MCS modular causeway system

MD materiel developer

MEDEVAC medical evacuation

MEET mission essential equipment for training

MHE materials handling equipment

MNS mission needs statement

MOS Military Occupational Specialty

MPF Maritime Prepositioned Fleet

MRS Mobility Requirements Study

MSE Marine Standardization Examiner

MSR main supply route

MTE Marine Technical Examination

MTOE Modified Table of Organization and Equipment

MWO Modification Work Order

NDI nondevelopmental item

NG National Guard

NDS National Defense Strategy

NSN national stock number

OCAR Office of the Chief of Army Reserve

OCCM on condition cyclic maintenance

OCOT Office of the Chief of Transportation

OMA Operation and Maintenance Army

OPA Other Procurement, Army

OPR Office of Primary Responsibility

OR Operational Readiness

ORD Operational Requirements Document

PACOM Pacific Command

PAYLOAD The total weight a vessel can carry.

POM Program Objective Memorandum

POMCUS Prepositioning of Materiel Configured to Unit Sets

POL Petroleum, Oils and Lubricants

PREPO Prepositioned

PT Pusher Tug

QDR Quality Deficiency Report

RANGE The distance a vessel can travel with one full load of fuel.

RC Reserve Component

RIB Rapidly Installed Breakwater

RO/RO roll-on/roll-off

R&D Research and Development

RDT&E Research, Development, Test, and Evaluation

RFP Request for Proposal

RRDF roll-on/roll-off discharge facility

RSO&I reception, staging, onward movement, and integration

SLWT Side Loadable Warping Tug

SOLAS Safety of Life at Sea

SOW statement of work

SPOD seaport of debarkation

SPOE seaport of embarkation

SS3 Sea State 3

S/T Short Tons (2,000 pounds)

SWA South West Asia

ST Small Tug

TAA Total Army Analysis

TB Technical Bulletin

TBD To Be Determined

TC Transportation Corps

TDA Table of Distribution and Allowances

TDP Technical Drawing Package

TM Technical Manual

TOFM Theater Opening Force Module

TOE table of organization and equipment

TPFDD time phased force deployment data

TRADOC Training and Doctrine Command

TSMO Transportation Systems Management Office

USAR United States Army Reserve

USARC United States Army Reserve Command

WEAR wartime executive agency responsibility