* For additional detailed information regarding specific spaces, refer to deck and hold diagrams outlined in SECTION XI of this document.

** Cubic foot figures for ammunition in cargo holds 4, 5, and 9 are identical to general cargo cubic foot figures. These cargo holds are designated for general cargo/ammunition. Specific space available for any particular category of cargo would depend on the other items intended for stowage in the same space.

a. Cubic foot figures for pyrotechnics for hold 4, 2nd platform reflects space available within the Troop/Avn Pyro Magazine, compartment 6-61-1-K, which is located within the cargo hold. The 3317 cubic foot figure listed is not included in the total of 22663 cubic feet for the entire cargo hold on that level. If not used for pyrotechnic stowage, this space can be used for other ammunition or general cargo.

b. The figure 713 cubic feet in the ammunition column reflects space available within the Aviation Ordnance Fuze Magazine, 6-47-4-M, which is accessible from the Hangar Deck via the port main deck passageway thru the messroom and utilizing the conveyor trunk. Items must be packaged no larger than 24" x 36" x 36" to fit on conveyor. The magazine contains a collection of stowage shelves, and is suitable for stowage of small containers.