DD-21 Land Attack Destroyer

SER N86/6U654826
10 Dec 96



1. The SC-21 Mission Needs Statement (MNS) provided requirements for expeditionary force surface combatants for the 21st century. Required capabilities for SC-21 included designing the ship to minimize manning requirements. In order to provide more specific guidance for COEA assessment and ship design analysis, the ship manpower goal for SC-21 shall be a maximum crew size of 95, including helicopter detachment. This goal will be superseded with specific requirements when the Operational Requirement Document (ORD) is signed and promulgated.

2. The SC-21 MNS identified ship features intended to support reduced manning including: minimizing maintenance and administrative functions, use of embedded training, use of standard user friendly man-machine interfaces, use of automation and corrosion minimizing materials, and preservatives. The SC-21 MNS also recommended a review of manning concepts used by NATO navies and performing a HARDMAN analysis in accordance to OPNAVINST 5311.7. SMART SHIP has also made significant progress in reducing ship manpower requirements. DARPA's Ship Systems Automation program has likewise demonstrated innovative methods of reducing ship manpower requirements. Many other efforts are currently underway.

3. The SC-21 Program Manager is tasked to ensure that a coordinated manpower reduction effort is integrated in the SC-21. While reducing ship manpower is imperative, it must be accomplished without adversely affecting safety, health, personnel retention, or lengthening training pipelines. All organizations responsible for SC-21 systems and equipment, or involved in shipboard manpower, personnel, training, and safety will participate on the SC-21 Program Manager's manpower reduction effort.

4. Action: PEO SC/AP. The Program Manager for Surface Combatant of the Twenty-first Century is responsible for ensuring that top-level manpower requirements are established and achieved. This includes the allocation of requirements to SC-21 ship systems and equipment.

5. Action: PEO-TAD, COMNAVSEASYSCOM, COMSPAWARSYSCOM, COMNAVAIR SYSCOM, CNR, PEO USW, PEO MIW, PEO C/U, NSWC, NUWC, NCCOSC, NAWC. All PEOs, Program Managers, Participating Managers, and acquisition agents with responsibility for candidate SC-21 systems and equipment shall support the SC-21 Program Manager with respect to the tasks in paragraph (4) above.


Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy
Director, Surface Warfare