Auxiliary Dry Cargo Carrier (ADC(X))

Proposed Modifications

To The

System Specification

For The

Auxiliary Dry Cargo Ship, T-ADC(X)

The Government intends to modify the draft system specification dated 18 March 1998, to incorporate revised cargo load lists. This modification will primarily affect specification section 3.2.1, section 3.2.3.c.1 and appendix B. The preliminary draft of these sections is provided below and the associated appendices B1 through B4 are provided in the attached files. The Government is providing this information for industry review and comment. The Government welcomes questions or comments concerning these proposed system specification modifications.


Proposed System Specification Section 3.2.1:

Description and quantity of cargo. Appendix B presents cargo load lists for different ship missions and design constraints. The ship shall be capable of stowing and efficiently loading and unloading, individually, each of the four cargo loadouts described in Table I without reconfiguration of the ship:

TABLE I. Cargo loadouts.

Loadout type

Dry cargo

Liquid cargo

Other cargo

Mixed Ammunition

& Stores

Appendix B1

3975 m3 F76 or F44 Fuel

200 m3 Potable Water

Specialty cargo


Appendix B2

3975 m3 F76 or F44 Fuel

200 m3 Potable Water

Specialty cargo except pyrotechnics, white phosphorus, fuzes, primers, and detonators

Weight Limited

Appendix B3

3975 m3 F76 or F44 Fuel

200 m3 Potable Water

Specialty cargo

Volume Limited

Appendix B4

3975 m3 F76 or F44 Fuel

200 m3 Potable Water

Specialty cargo



Proposed System Specification Section 3.2.3.c.1:

Dry cargo sending. - The ship, when loaded with the dry cargo specified in the Appendices B1 and B2, shall be capable of breakout, strike-up, and underway transfer of a portion of that cargo specified in the Appendices C1 through C12, in the sequence and within the time specified in the Appendices A1 through A4 , when given the advance notice specified. These operations shall use both CONREP and VERTREP methods and equipment for inter-ship transfer as specified. The ship shall maintain the necessary interfaces and provide the specified equipment to conduct the ship-to-ship transfer. A list of "Intership Transfer Rates for CONREP and VERTREP" is provided in Appendix D. The ship shall provide cargo stowage, pre-staging, breakout, and movement within the ship to support the "Operational Tempo" when applied with the "Intership Transfer Rates for CONREP and VERTREP". Note that certain cargo items in the load list are identified as "slow movers" or " ultra slow movers". These are items that are not normally transferred by UNREP in full pallet quantities, but rather are combined with other "slow movers" into "mixed pallets". For the purposes of analyzing unloading rates, assume that unless otherwise demonstrated, it takes 10 minutes to make up a mixed pallet of "slow movers" and 20 minutes to make up a pallet of "ultra slow movers".