USS Constellation demonstrates U.S. naval air power to ROK Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff NAVY WIRE SERVICE (NWS) - 29 July 1999 by Naval Forces Korea Public Affairs PUSAN, South Korean (NWS) -- USS Constellation (CV 64) hosted Republic of Korea (ROK) Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Kim Jin Ho recently after the ship visited Pusan, South Korean. "There are several reasons why we ask people to come aboard a carrier," said Rear Adm. Christopher W. Cole, commander of U.S. Naval Forces in Korea. "It's very important for them to get to know us personally rather than just to see it's a ship and a piece of steel, because as impressive as all the hardware is, what makes it all work is the people. It's also important to show things like (carrier battle group operations) to ourallies." The at-sea embark gave the ROK Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff a first-hand account of what the U.S. Navy has to offer in support of peace and stability in the Asia-Pacific region. "By visiting Constellation and seeing the fighting capability demonstrations, I was deeply impressed at the confidence they conveyed in their role to suppress North Korean threats when a crisis occurs," Gen. Kim said. "There's nothing like Constellation," Cole said of the 38-year-old ship built in New York. "The French operate a couple carriers and operate them very well, but they're smaller and with fewer aircraft. They really don't have the kind of capabilities that the American aircraft carriershave." Constellation supports an airwing of nearly 80 aircraft on a flight deck that is more than 1,000 feet long. After the ship tour, an airpower demonstration by the embarked aircraft of Carrier Air Wing (CVW) TWO provided guests with a clear and unmistakable understanding of the ship's diverse capabilities. The aircraft demonstrated supersonic aerial maneuvers, dog fighting skills and bombing runs. Navy divers conducted a "fast rope" demonstration that showed how Special Forces personnel are delivered to a ship from airborne helicopters. The demonstration ended with an impressive diamond-shaped flyover. The ships of the Constellation battle group, joined by ships of the ROK Navy, paid a final salute to the Chairman when they passed single-file along Constellation's port side in a traditional "Pass-in-Review" formation. "The most impressive aspect of today's visit was seeing all the components of this huge organization work together to fulfill the mission," the Chairman said. "Seeing the training operations successfully being done, with safety always being considered, was remarkable. The visit was a chance for me to once again confirm the strong coalition between the United States and the Republic of Korea." -USN-