Haze Gray: Underway

JCS leaves pier for first time since August '98

by JO3 Travis Meadors
USS John C. Stennis (CVN 74)
Public Affairs - April 16,1999

ABOARD JOHN C. STENNIS USS JOHN C. STENNIS (CVN 74) arrived at Naval Air Station North Island last August not just as the Pacific Fleet's newest and most powerful aircraft carrier, but as the symbol of Naval power and readiness in the Western Hemisphere.

Eight months later, following an extensive maintenance and rehabilitation period, JCS and its crew are underway once again conducting sea trial operations off the coast of Southern California.

Shortly after the brows were removed and the last line cast, harbor tugs pulled the 97,000-ton warship away from the pier and into the shallow waters of San Diego Bay.

One hour later, JCS and its crew were passing Point Loma on their way to open ocean for the first time since August 26, 1998.

The sea trial period will include events such as General Quarters and Man Overboard drills, Propulsion Plant casualty scenarios, and numerous flight deck evolutions.

"I hardly even noticed we were underway," said AR Ernest Woodmore. "I can tell, though, because the passageways are busier and there is lots of traffic everywhere."

JCS and its crew aren't scheduled to return to NASNI until Monday.