Navnews for 02/99 NNS0203. Coastal minehunter Shrike delivered to Navy by Naval Reserve NAVINFO SW 111 SAVANNAH, Ga. (NNS) - The coastal minehunter Shrike (MHC 62) was delivered to the Navy during a ceremony Jan. 11 at Intermarine USA Shipyard in Savannah, Ga. The 12th and final Osprey-class coastal minehunter will be formally commissioned May 31 in Baton Rouge, La. "The crew of Shrike is proud to accept this ship on behalf of the United States Navy, and we are eager to place her in commission," said Lt. Cmdr. Dan Derbes, Shrike's commanding officer. "The shipbuilders have given us a great vessel, and now it is up to us to bring the ship to life." Osprey-class coastal minehunters are state-of-the-art ships designed to hunt for mines and clear harbors, coastal or ocean waters of acoustic, magnetic, pressure and contact mines. The remote vehicle carried by them can also neutralize mines using explosives and other techniques. Shrike's non-magnetic hull is made of a single piece of molded fiberglass which is both easy to maintain and designed to flex to absorb the violent shock of an underwater mine explosion. Her diesel engine propulsion system is extremely quiet and gives her exceptional maneuverability in and around coastal mine fields. The ship's low magnetic and acoustic signatures provide the vessel and crew an added margin of safety during mine countermeasures operations. Shrike has a crew of 51 personnel and will be homeported in Ingleside, Texas, home of the Navy's Mine Warfare Command. -USN-