Chairman, Japan Joint Staff Council visits Kitty Hawk
Japanese military officials see how aircraft carrier operates underway

Navy journalist Lance Lindley, USS Kitty Hawk Public Affairs

ABOARD THE USS KITTY HAWK, Western Pacific -- USS kitty hawk (CV-63) hosted the chairman of Japan's joint staff council and the chief of staff, Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force, while conducting regularly scheduled training exercises in the Western Pacific Feb. 27-28.

Gen. Yuji Fujinawa and Adm. Kosei Fujita were among nine Japanese distinguished visitors to make the overnight visit on board Kitty Hawk.

Also among the group were members of the Kanagawa prefectural assembly and the general's and admiral's aides.  Kanagawa prefecture is home to U.S. Fleet Activities Yokosuka and Naval Air Facility Atsugi. the visitors made an arrested landing at 3 p.m., Feb. 27 on Kitty Hawk's flight deck in a C-2 "Greyhound" aircraft flown by Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 30, assigned to Carrier Air Wing FIVE (CVW-5), Kitty Hawk's embarked air wing.

While on board, the visitors were briefed on the Kitty Hawk battle group's capabilities by Rear Adm. Timothy J. Keating, Commander Battle Force Seventh Fleet, and watched flight operations by the pilots of CVW-5.

The embark was one of a several aboard Kitty Hawk by Japanese military, government and community leaders and American business leaders during the current underway period.

"It's immeasurable how much good these visits do for us," said Kitty Hawk's commanding officer Capt. Matthew Tuohy.

USS Kitty Hawk operates out of Yokosuka as America's only permanently forward-deployed aircraft carrier.  Carrier Air Wing 5, commanded by Capt. Doug McClain, is forward deployed to Atsugi, and is permanently assigned to Kitty Hawk.