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Warrior is an armoured combat vehicle. It is NBC proof, and a full range of night vision equipment is included as standard. Warrior is part of a family of seven variants which include a Milan carrier, a mechanised recovery vehicle, an engineer combat version and an artillery command vehicle. Warrior has excellent cross country mobility and is armed with a 30 mm Rarden cannon. Used by armoured infantry battalions, Royal Artillery and Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.

The GKN Defence Warrior Armoured Combat Vehicle was accepted for service with the British Army in November 1984 and production began in 1986. The original order of 1 053 vehicles has now been reduced to 789, with the final delivery in 1995. The Warrior, as it is normally called, has a combat weight of 25.7 tonnes, a maximum speed of 75km/h (48 km/h in reverse) a maximum road range of 660 km and is able to mount 60% gradients and 40% side slopes. It is armed with both a 30 mm L21 Rarden cannon and a 7.62 mm machine gun and smoke laying equip-ment consisting of 2 x 4 smoke grenade dis-chargers. It can carry a crew of 3 + 7. Warrior took part in Operation Desert Storm in early 1991, where six variants were deployed .


Weight loaded 24,500kg
Length 6.34m
Height to turret top 2.78m
Width 3.0m
Max Road Speed 75kph
Road Range 500km
Engine Rolls Royce CV8 diesel
Crew 3 (carries 7 infantry soldiers)
  • 30mm Rarden cannon
  • Coaxial 7.62mm Hughes Chain Gun
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