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Type 90 35mm Twin AAA
Type 90II SP-AAA

The Type 90 35mm Twin AAA system, modeled after the Oerlikon 35mm gun of the Skyguard air defense system, is generally similar to the Type 74 37mm AAA weapon, apart from the minor modification in the caliber of the gun.

The PLA has had rather poor sucess in developing a self-propelled anti-aircraft artillery system. The performance of the Type 80 and Type 88 systems did not meet the requirements of the PLA and the international market, and the systems never entered full production. A new system designated Type 90II is under development to meet these type's requirements. The Type 90II self-propelled AAA system may or may not be related to the Type 90 35mm Twin AAA.


Caliber 35 mm
Muzzle velocity 1175 m/s
Effective range 3200 m
Horizontal movement
Vertical movement
Rate of fire 2x550 rounds/min

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