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155 TRacté model F1

The artillery gun 155 TRacté model F1, intended to equip regiments of infantry, is characterized by good strategic mobility, great fire power, and a simple implementation. This rapid-fire 155 mm gun is a double trail configuration with a swivelling platform. Its barrel of 40 calibers is the same one as that is used on the 155 mm AUF vehicle. It is tractor drawn by a truck [TRM 10000] equipped with a crane for handling of the pallets of ammunition. The maximum range is of 24 km with the high-explosive shells Mle F1, 30 km are envisaged with ammunition with extended range. A hydraulic mechanism of assistance to the loading of the shell makes it possible to draw 3 shots in 15 seconds, or 6 rounds per minute during 10 minutes, or 120 rounds during one hour. In the event of breakdown of this device, the shooting is still possible in manual loading, but at reduced rate. Secondary armament consists of a machine-gun of 12,7mm on the tractor TRM 10000, and able to carry out anti-aircraft shootings and with ground. A crew of 8 men: 1 head of part, 1 pointer, 1 charger, 2 providers, 2 bomb disposal experts, 1 conductor tractor of part.

The setting out of battery is carried out in less than 5 minutes, and the output of battery in 2 minutes thanks to the hydraulic system. The pointing is hydraulic in direction and height. In the event of breakdown, this one is possible in range, for example by connecting the hydraulic devices of the gun to those of the tractor. The gun can only move, at reduced speed (7 km/h to the maximum), to join its position of part, by using a hydraulic transmission driven by a thermal engine. It can cross slopes of 60% and the fords of 1.20 m.

The gun can fire all French ammunition as well as foreign rounds. Its normal ammunition is the high-explosive shell Mle F1. The propelling loads are consulted by combustible cartridges (in fabric ouen celluloid). The gun can also draw the combustible casing from CN 155 and the cartridges of the 155 automouvant F3.

Length attachment: 17,35 m 
Length gun in position of road: 8,76 m 
Mass tractor in load: 19 tons 
Masses gun: 10 tons 
Speed on road: 80 km/h  
Capacity of carrying of the tractor: 48 rounds of 155 mm - 24 on pallets - 24 in rack. 
Initial speed in maximum loading: 830 m/s 
Carried maximum: existing shell: OE 155 Mle F1 = 24 km 
shell with wide range: 30 km (approximately) 
vertical Field of fire: 90 m to 1170 m 


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