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The Puma family, developed by the Consorzio Iveco Fiat - Oto Melara based in Rome, will probably enter into service in 1998 in two basic configurations, a 4x4 and a 6x6 version, both capable of a high degree of strategic and tactical mobility and with protection able to withstand 7.62 mm bullets (12.7 mm on the front section). The possibility of mounting them with a range of weapons systems gives them wide flexibility of use. The Puma 4x4 will be used to equip light infantry regiments to increase levels of protection in territorial defence and peacekeeping operations. The Puma 6x6 will be assigned to the cavalry units for tactical reconnaissance tasks. The Puma may need additional armors for ballistic protection


Puma 4x4 Puma 6x6
Crew 7, driver plus 6 troops 9, driver plus 8 troops
Combat weight 5.7 tons 7.5 tons
Length 5108 mm 5526 mm
Height 1900 mm 1900 mm
Height 1678 mm 1678 mm
Width 2090 mm 2284 mm
  • Missiles TOW anti-tank missiles
  • Machine guns 7.62 mm or 12.7 mm
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