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M53/59 Praga
M53/70 Praga

The Praga is an armored truck with a twin mounted 30-mm anti-aircraft cannon, used by the Serbian military with great effect against built-up areas and infantry. The gun is mounted on the Praga V3S chassis, produced by the Prague Automobile Factory Ltd. [Praga] of Prague, Czechoslovakia. In the 1950s Praga was assigned a significant political task: to develop and produce a medium-size truck for the army. A successfully designed construction with type denomination Praga V3S became a literally undestructable symbol of a military automobile. From 1958 Praga produced road versions of this die-hard, denominated S5T. In 1939 Yugoslavia purchased the license for the prodcution of the "undestructible" Praga RN truck with a 3 ton carrying capacity. It is interesting that the "erena" continued to be produced in the South of Europe as late as the 1960�s, which was longer than at the mother company.


  • Avia Zavody Letnany (chassis)
  • Czechoslovak state arsenals (armored body, armament and final assembly)
  • Length 6.92 meters
    Width 2.35 meters
    Height 2.95 meters with magazines
    Combat weight 10,300 kg
    Engine Tatra T 912-2 6-cylinder diesel @ 110hp
    Maximum road speed 60 km/h
    Maximum road range 500 km
    Armament 2x30mm M53
    Target Aerial & ground
    Caliber 30mm gun
    Range Light-Armored Vehicles - 2000 m; Aerial - 3000 m
    Rate of fire 420-450 rds/min per gun
    Sensors/fire controls Tracer observation (aerial) Telescope (ground)
    NBC system no
    Night vision equipment no
    Crew 3
    Users Croatia, FRY, Czech Republic, Iraq, Libya, Slovakia

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