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Olifant Mk1B

The Olifant tank turret is a state-of-the-art main battle tank turret, featuring Hunter-killer, Fire-on-the-move and Thermal-imaging capabilities. Main armament can be either the LIW GT-7 105mm, or a LIW proprietary 120mm smooth-bore tank gun. The Olifant Mk1B turret utilises technologies developed on the Tank Technology Demonstrator program. The turret basket and ring-gear are fully compatible with application on the Centurion or Chieftan main battle tank platforms, making this turret suitable for upgrading these tanks.

The Gunner is equipped with a periscopic stabilised day/thermal sight incorporating laser-rangefinder, while the commander has an independant panoramic stabilised day/night sight. A full solution fire control system with automatic sensors for meteorological parameters and dynamic tilt, together with a precision gun drive system, result in devastating accuracy even on the move.

Protection for the 3-man crew is offered by means of the modular add-on-armour packages. A turret bustle mounted ammunition carousel is suitable for the storage of kinetic ammunition. Crew protection from ammunition ignition is by virtue of blow-off panels on the turret deck. Ready rounds are located along the turret-basket side permitting a comfortable rate of fire of 10 rounds per minute. The turret is controlled by the Turret Management System, which coordinates the operation of the turret sub-systems, providing simple interfacing for future sub-systems (such as an automatic defensive-aides-suite).


Manufacturer LIW division of DENEL
Main armament
  • LIW GT-7 105mm, or
  • LIW 120mm smooth-bore tank gun
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