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The Mistral, a fire and forget missile, equipped with a high technology infrared homing head, is fully autonomous after firing. Lightweight (20 kg), it reaches a speed of more than 800m/second (Mach 2.5) and its guidance accuracy, its manoeuvrability and its laser proximity or impact fuse triggered 3 kg warhead, ensure exceptional effectiveness against aircraft, helicopters and anti-ship missiles. More than 600 MISTRAL missiles have been fired under operational conditions with a success rate over 92%. Some 15,000 missiles have been ordered by eight European countries, eight in Asia-Pacific, four in South America and three in the Middle-East.


Date Deployed 1988
Range 5 km ( at 4 km effective against helicopters )
Speed 1492 knots
Propulsion two stage solid propellant boost motor
Guidance All-aspect Infra-red
Warhead 3 kg HE tungsten ball
Fuze Laser proximity
Launch Weight 18 kg
Length 1.80 m
Diameter 90mm
Fin Span 180mm

For information efforts to control the proliferation of the Mistral and other MANPADS, see ASMP Issue Brief #1: MANPADS Proliferation

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