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M1939 37mm automatic antiaircraft gun
Type 55 37mm automatic antiaircraft gun

The Soviet recoil-operated 37mm antiaircraft guns are based on a Bofors design and closely resemble the 40mm guns used in both the British and United States forces during World Mar II. Although the single mount is the most common version, a twin mount was produced and has been exported to Algeria. The Soviet Navy also employed a twin water-cooled version closely resembling the multi-mount United States 40mm guns used in World War II. The 37nm guns have hydraulic recoil buffers and spring recuperators. The breechblocks are of the rising block type. The field mobile weaoon may be equipped with a shield. There is no provision for radar fire control. The 37mm gun M1939 is used in Communist China where it is known as the Type 55.


Tactical Antiair (AA) Range 2,500 m
Rate of Fire 160-180 rds/min
Ammunition HEI-T (37x252mm)
Self Destruct Time 8 to 12 secs
Self Destruct Range 3,700-4,700 m

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