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M-63 Plamen VBR 128
M-94 Plamen-S (Flame) 128mm MLRS

In 1995, the M-94 Plamen-S system was produced and mounted on the Steye-Deimlaer 6x6 truck. Based on old M-63 towed MLRS, using new 12.8km range missile and other improvments. This missile is not to be confused with 128mm missile for M-77, beacause M-94 missile is shorter, and having a range of 12.8 km, weight 23.1kg and weight of the warhead 7.5kg and 2.3kg of explosives. Set of 32 tubes are loaded and another load of 32 missiles in automatic loader is giving the system total of 64 missiles. Firing mode of .2, .4 or .6 seconds for launching one missile gives total of only 5 seconds for firing total of 32 missiles, giving the M-94 system great firepower. The system based on the Steyer-Deimler truck is very mobile, and it can be used on allmost any terrain. M-94 system can occupy and leave the firing site within minutes, and so it is very dificult to targeting by enemy artillery or airforces.


range 12.8 km
weight 23.1kg
warhead 2.3kg of explosives

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