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M-80 Infantry Combat Vehicle

The M-80 is sometimes described as a Yugoslav copy of the Russian BMP-1 AFV, but this is evidently not the case, as the M-80 has five pairs of road wheels, while the BMP-1 has six pairs of road wheels. In late 1970s and in the begining of the 1980s an idea for effective replacmant of old M-60 armoured transporter was born. By that time, the Soviet BMP-1 was in peak of his effectivness, and the French company Hispano-Suiza, was building its new AMX-10P ICV. In Yugoslavia, close consultations with chief engineers of Hispano-Suiza about an engine for M-80 were held. The French team was surprised by the efficiency of the transmission for the new Yugoslavian ICV, and information on this program lasted a bit more than a year before serial production. The AMX-10P and M-80 are essentially the same construction design, but the Yugoslavian ICV has only five sets of wheels, different from the AMX-10P and BMP-1. The improved version M-80A has a new engine and higher manuverability, and the latest M-80A1 has a new turret armed with new 30mm Hispano cannon instead of the M-55 20mm cannon. Foreighn experts have said of this wehlice: "Todays Yugoslavian vehicle resembles the BMP, but the viewer does not hawe the impression that this is a copy. It has very functional construction and it is wery well adapated for Yugoslavian battlefield" (Valmer M. MILLITARY TECHNOLOGY No9, 1983.)


M-80 M-80A M-80A1
weight 13850 kg 13850kg 14400 kg
length 6420 mm 6420mm 6420 mm
width 2995 mm 2995 mm 2995 mm
clearance 400 mm 400 mm 400 mm
height 2200 mm 2670 mm 2390 mm
engine HS-115-2 FAMOS-10B003 FAMOS-10B003
power 191 kW 235 kW 235 kW
max.speed 58 km/h 65 km/h 65 km/h
amph. speed 7.5 km/h 7.8 km/h 7.8 km/h
climb 28% 47.7% 67%
trench obstacle 2.4 m 2.4 m 2.4m
vertical obstacle .8 m .8 m .8 m
gun 20mm 20mm 30mm
MG 7.62 mm 7.62 mm 7.62 mm
AT missile 4 AT-3 4 AT-3 4 AT-3

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