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Korean Infantry Fighting Vehicle K-200

The Korean Infantry Fighting Vehicle K-200 is an amphibious personnel carrier manufactured by DaeWoo Industries and based on the American AIFV. In the field of armoured tracked vehicle business, Land Systems of DHI succeeded to be a prime contractor for Korean Infantry Fighting Vehicle development program in the early 1980s, a pioneer of Korean defense industries. The initial series production of KIFV started in 1984, and thousands of vehicles have been delivered to the Korean Army. Considerations of family vehicle are interest to the army. This made DaeWoo start to develop family vehicles; such as, 81mm mortar carrier, 4.2 inch mortar carrier, 20 mm anti aircraft gun (Vulcan Gun) carrier and recovery vehicle in the middle of the 1980s, and all these models have been deployed to the army. Recently, DaeWoo started to deliver NBC reconnaissance vehicle - the first tracked NBC reconnaissance vehicle in the world and Command Post vehicle.

The K200A1, a product improved version of Korean Infantry Fighting Vehicle provides transportation to infantry squad under armor protection from enemy's fire. It providing for the firing of infantry rifles from inside the vehicle through firing ports under armor protection, as well as fire support to disembarked infantry, utilizing the cal 50 and cal 30 machine gun which are installed on gunner's and commander's cupola.

It carries 12 infantry personnel including driver, gunner and commander. Sustained top speed of K200A1 exceeds 70km/h on level roads, it accelerates from 0 to 32km/h in approximately 6.5 seconds, this compares to 10 seconds for the K200. It is fully amphibious with the speed in water of approximately 7km/h by propulsion of track rotation, which enables water crossing operation without any supporting unit. This mobility is due to the high power to weight ratio of 26.5hp/ton at the combat weight of 13.2ton, accomplished by 350hp diesel engine incorporated with hydrokinetic, automatic transmission. The integrated powerpack system of K200A1 incorporates the engine, transmission , cooling system, and associated components integrated as one complete package. This capability results in lower maintenance ratio and high reliability.



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