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Korean Armored Fighting Vehicle (KAFV)

Following an increasing trend of having a powerful armored vehicle of worldwide markets, Daewoo Heavy Industries [DHI] has developed Korean Armored Fighting Vehicle (KAFV) by reinforcing its firing power to the standard KIFV. The KAFV, with its increased firing power and survivability, can be widely operated as an organizational equipment in the mechanized infantry and cavalry units. The KAFV 40/50 was developed indigenously by DHI and it has a 40mm grenade and a 50 caliber machine gun which is currently operated by the Korean Army.

This vehicle can transport a squad troop to the target area and it also has an all-terrain capability to fire during maneuvering and at night time. With a total combat weight of 13.9 tons including turret system, KAFV can be operated at a maximum speed of 70km per hour. Its turret is operated by a gunner and the target is observed by visible sight. In addition, DHI has developed other kinds of KAFVs mounted 25mm, 30mm and 90mm turret system through technical cooperation with the most advanced turret suppliers such as Mauser of Germany, Lockheed Martin and Cadilac Gage Textron of USA. These KAFV successfully completed their test & evaluation trials in overseas countries as well as in Korea in the year 1995, and currently draws much attention from several countries.



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