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K-30 Self-Propelled AA 30mm Twin-Gun System

K-30, called "BIHO system", is a self-propelled 30 mm twin-gun system which has high kill probability against penetrating low-altitude airborne targets. Land Systems of Daewoo Heavy Industries has produced this twin 30mm self-propelled anti-aircraft gun system to provide short range air defense capability against low altitude aircraft and hovering helicopters and short range self-propelled anti-aircraft missile system to provide enhanced air defence capability to ground forces. In line with the worldwide AA gun systems' demands and technical trends, it has been developed as a unique Korean model equipped with the most advanced high precision Fire Control System so as to cope with the heavily increasing air threats around the Korean peninsula. It is an effective system comparable to any other advanced AA gun system around the world.

K-30 project started in 1983 in spite of economical difficulties and technical shortages. More than 600 researching men-year and tens of billions of wons have been invested through the whole project period and it was recorded as one of the most brilliant achievements in Korean military R&D history. K-30 project is the first indigenous advanced weapon system that has been designed together with the ILS elements by the Korean researchers and engineers.

Live firing test results in the test site show that this system has a superior performance to other similar class of foreign AA gun system with lower cost. This is due to high percentage of domestically developed parts, and there is a high prospect of exports in the world military market. With the delivery of this system to Korean military units, their engagement capability of low altitude airborne threats will be remarkably improved specifically in the defense of crucial facilities such as airfields and mechanized armored forces.

Basic specifications for the K-30 system





Caliber, Barrel #

Fire range

Detection range

Tracking range

Tracking sensor


Firing rate

30mm, Twin(Gun)


Radar, 17Km



520HP armored chassis

6002 rounds/min

Tracking speed(EOTS)

Gun/Turret driving




Night capability

Operation temp.

1 rad/sec

Electrically, current control

Automatic(in 5 minutes)

500 rounds + 100 rounds(spare)

More than Mode IV


-32 +50 deg. celsius

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