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Combat Vehicle 90 (CV 90)

Combat Vehicle 90 (CV 90 - StridsFordon 90) is jointly developed and manufactured by Hagglunds AB (chassis) and Bofors AB (turret, armament and ammunition). The CV 90 family consists of: CV 90 (the basic armored infantry fighting vehicle, armed with a 40 mm automatic cannon); Anti-aircraft vehicle 90; Forward observer vehicle 90; Command post vehicle 90; and Recovery vehicle 90. All vehicles are designed for maximum performance in the most inhospitable terrain and hostile combat environments. The CV 90 is an extremely agile, multi-role combat vehicle with all-target capability, a low very compact structure and minimized radar and IR-signatures. The basic turret is electrically operated and houses a CelsiusTech UTAAS sight with integrated laser rangefinder and thermal camera. The 40 mm Bofors autocannon assures lethality to all other light armored vehicles and even offers a chance to kill enemy tanks from flanking positions with its APFSDS-T ammo. Production orders for series vehicle are divided into three batches. A total of 500 CV 90 will be procured for the Swedish Army, with final delivery in 2002.

The Hägglunds Vehicle CV 90120 light tank consists of a slightly modified CV 90 chassis, produced for Norway and Sweden, fitted with a new three-man turret mounting a Swiss Ordnance 120 mm smoothbore gun with a computerised fire-control system and stabilised day/night sights.


Weight, combat loaded 26,000 kg
Personnel capacity 11
Speed 70 km/h
Engine Scania DSI 14 Diesel 446 kW/2200 rpm
Armament Bushmaster II, 30 mm cannon

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