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CM31 6X6 Armoured Vehicle

The CM31, in development in Taiwan for nearly a decade, has recently been introduced into operational service. It is capable of amphibious operations, and can carry a variety of anti-personnel, anti-aircraft, or anti-armor weapons. Although generally similar in layout and specification to the Cadillac Gage LAV-300 or Belgian SIMBAS light armored vehicles, the CM31 is evidently of indigenous design, and features signature contoured frontal protection.

Under the Army's "Speed Leopard" plan, Taiwan anticipates replacing the U.S.-made M113 and Taiwan-made CM21 over the next five to 10 years with up to 1,000 tanks and armored vehicles. At least six tank makers from Austria, Canada, France, Ireland and the United States have offered to sell their tanks and armored vehicles to Taiwan. Among the offers are Austria's "Pandure," Canada's "Piranha III," the French-made "VAB-NG" and the U.S.-Irish-made LAV-300. The new generation of armored vehicles, which will be wheeled rather than tracked, will be used both by Taiwan's Army and Marine Corps.


Combat Weight 16 tons
Max Road Speed 62 mph
Engine 350 hp Cummins 64TA8.3 diesel
Armament one 12.7mm machine gun
Height m

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