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Russia's latest attempt at a tracked APC is the BMP-4/BTR-T [BMP = Boyevaya Mashina Pyekhota - Infantry Fighting Vehicle / BTR-T = Bronyetransporter-Tyazhelyy - Armored Transporter -Heavy]. It is a modified T-55 chassis with a similar turret to the BTR-80A. The configuration is based on lessons learned in Chechnya, where very heavy losses were inflicted on thin-skinned BMPs and BTRs. In response, this heavy, more survivable APC was designed for improved service in city fighting for possible use by specialized formations trained for urban warfare. It is unclear if the BTR-T will be produced for the Russian Army or for export only. This vehicle, which is too slow to keep pace with modern tanks, is unsuitabile for maneuver warfare though it mighte find applications in mountainous regions.


Speed 60/25
Armor 22r/6r
Night Vision A or T
Armament 2A42 30mm AC (12), Konkurs (AT-5) ATGM, LMG; Stands: 1

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