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AUF-1 Canon de 155 AUtomoteur modèle F1

The 155-mm automatic cannon AUF-1 is intended to equip forces with armoured artillery to ensure the missions of support of direct and indirect fire. The 155-mm gun is assembled from a turret on the chasis of the AMX 30, providing mobility close to that of this battle tank. The range of the gun of 39 calibers makes it possible to reach 23.5 km with normal ammunition and 30 km with wide range ammunition. The system can as well fire all the ammunition of 155 mm, French as foreign. Its normal ammunition is the high-explosive shell with hollow base. The propelling loads are consisted combustible casings containing of the powder sachets. The initial speed in maximum loading is 810 m/s. The vehicle is capable of carrying 42 complete rounds: 7 racks of 6 shells, 7 racks of 6 combustible casings. Restocking of ammunition can be realized in fifteen minutes with 4 men. The pace of firing with an automatic attachment feeding in ammunition, using combustible casings, allows to firing 6 shots in 45 seconds and 12 shots in 2 minutes. In the event of breakdown partial or total of this device, firing is still possible manually but at reduced rate. Protection counters Chemical, Bacteriological and Nuclear effects (N.B.C.) thanks to the sealing of the turret, as well as projectiles of light automatic weapons. The secondary armament is a 12.7-mm machine gun on circular being able to carry out anti-aircraft and ground fire.


Crew 4 men: 1 commander, 1 pointer, 1 bomb disposal expert-charger, 1 pilot.
mass 43 T
maximum speed 60 km/h
field of fire in direction 360°
field of fire in height 5° with +66°
time of setting out of battery 2 to 3 mn
time of output of battery 2 to 5 mn
response time 2 to 3 mn
change of position of one 1/2 range 50 mn with 1 H
  • shell with hollow base: 23,5 km
  • shell of 155 56/69: 21,5 km
  • shell with wide range: 30 km

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