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AMX 30

Giat Industries has built and delivered to a dozen armies almost 2,300 AMX 30 main battle tanks, as well as 1,100 derivative versions (155 GCT self-propelled howitzers, anti-aircraft missile or gun systems, armoured recovery vehicles, etc.). The AMX 30 B2 is an improved version of the AMX 30, either by rebuilding or by production of new tanks, equipped with an automatic fire control system (COTAC) enabling it to fire a ammunition arrow (Vo 1525 m/s). The tank is well profiled, strongly armed, endowed with a very good mobility and a great autonomy. It is protected only from small gauge weapons and the effects of artillery. The AMX 30 B2 is able to fight in a contaminated atmosphere and to cross in immersion of the water levels 2 depth m (4 m with snorkel). It is intended for all missions requiring operations in traditional or nuclear environments power: direct destruction of the enemy forces, and in priority of the armoured forces immediate and major exploitation of the effects of the others weapons, in particular of the nuclear weapon. It equips tank regiments. It is encased in rolled plates and castings, entirely welded; traditional turret, entirely cast, of very shaped form.


Crew 4 men 1 head of tank, 1 gunner, 1 charger, 1 conductor
Weight in commands of combat neighbor of 36 T
overall length 9.50 m
length of the case 6.70 m
overall width 3.10 m
overall height 2.85 m
height of the roof of the tourelleau 2.52 m
ground clearance 0.45 m
width of caterpillar 0.57 m
Driving Hispano-H.S. 110, 4 Diesel times, 12 horizontal rolls, water cooling, camshafts at the head multi-fuel
power 680 CH with 2400 rpm disengageable ventilator
starters 2 electric starters
quantity of fuel and nature 970 gas oil
average consumption gas oil - 200 l/100 km
gasoline - 230 l/100 km
autonomy 500 km or 16 hours with the gas oil 420 km or 14 hours with the gasoline
speed average on the road 45 km/h
maximum on road 65 km/h
field of fire in direction and disk speed 360 in 15 s
field of fire in height semicircumference -8 with +20
field of fire in height back semicircumference -2 with +20
principal Armament 1 gun of 105 mm, Mle F2 with semi-automatic loading
ammunition out of turret 50 ammunition of 105 mm, including 20 in the turret
effective range approximately 2000 m
auxiliary Armament
  • 1 gun of 20 mm twinned with the gun for ground shooting, with possibility of surpointage (+ 40) for Anti-aircraft shooting
    ammunition - 470 cartridges of 20 mm out of turret

  • 1 machine-gun of 7.62 mm
    2050 cartridges of 7.63 mm

  • 4 tube-smoke-producing (16 smoke-producing machines)

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