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AMX 10 P

The AMX 10 P is the support and freight vehicle of the mechanized infantry units, and the tank carried squadrons of the combat regiments. This tracked amphibious armoured vehicle transports a group of 9 men in addition to the driver and gunner under turret. It has a great autonomy and an excellent terrestrial and water mobility which allow it, in particular, to cross by its own means a flooded cut. Its armament enables it to intervene effectively against light armoured tanks and low flying aircraft. Protected against weapons from average gauge and the shrapnel of artillery shell, it can fight in contaminated atmosphere. Crew: 2 men (1 conductor and 1 gunner) remain on board after the unloading of a group whose leader also serves as commander of the vehicle.

A French SNPE explosive reactive armor (ERA) kit and others are available for use on the AMX-10P. However, during dismounted troop movement, ERA would be a hazard. Thus, passive armor is more likely; and ERA application is doubtful.



Date of Introduction 1973
Proliferation At least 3 countries
Crew 3
Troop Capacity 8 passengers
Combat Weight (mt) 14.5
Length Overall (m) 5.75 m
Height Overall (m) 2.57
Width Overall (m) 2.78
Ground Pressure (kg/cm 2 ) 0.53
Engine Type 300-hp Diesel
Cruising Range (km) 600
Speed (km/h) Max Road: 65
Max Off-Road: INA
Average Cross-Country: INA
Max Swim: 7
Fording Depths (m) Amphibious
Mineclearing Equipment N/A
Self-Entrenching Blade N/A
Radio INA
Protection Armor, Turret Front (mm): 12.7-mm frontal
Applique Armor (mm): N/A
Explosive Reactive Armor (mm): Available
Active Protective System: N/A
NBC Protection System: Yes
Smoke Equipment 4 smoke grenade launchers
ARMAMENT Caliber, Type, Name 20-mm automatic cannon M693 F1
Rate of Fire (rd/min) 740
Loader Type Dual belt feed
Ready/Stowed Rounds 800 rounds total, 350 rounds approximately ready in 2 racks incorporated in the basket of turret
Elevation () -8/+50
Fire on Move INA
Auxiliary Weapon Caliber, Type, Name 7.62-mm (7.62 x 51) MG, AAT 52 NF1
Mount Type Coax
Maximum Aimed Range (m) INA
Max Effective Range Day: INA
Night: INA
Fire on Move Yes
Rate of Fire (rd/min) INA
ammunition 2000 rounds total, 300 rounds ready for shooting
ATGM Launcher N/A
Firing Ports None
Main Gun Stabilization INA
Rangefinder INA
Infrared Searchlight Yes
Sights w/Magnification Gunner: Day: OB 40 Day/ night sight
Field of View (): INA
Acquisition Range (m): INA
Night: OB 40 Day/ night sight
Field of View (): INA
Acquisition Range (m): INA
Commander Fire Main Gun No
MAIN ARMAMENT AMMUNITION Caliber, Type, Name: 20-mm (20x139) APDS-T
Maximum Aimed Range (m): INA
Max Effective Range (m):
Day: 1,300
Night: INA
Tactical AA Range: INA
Armor Penetration (mm): INA
Other Ammunition Types: API, API-T, HEI, HEI-T

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