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2S9 Anona (Anemone)- 120mm SPH/Mortar

The most recent change to the Airborne artillery is the introduction of the 2S9, a 120-mm self-propelled howitzer mounted on a BMD chassis and replacing the [hand-loaded, indirect-fire-only] M-1943 120-mm mortar in the Airborne battalions. The 120-mm 2S9 Anona (Anemone) self-propelled howitzer/mortar was first seen in public in May 1985 and was developed to replace existing mortars and howitzers and as a direct fire anti-tank weapon system firing HEAT projectiles. The 2S9 has a crew of four; commander, driver/mechanic, gunner and loader. The 2S9 hull is a stretched version of the BMD Airborne combat vehicle and is divided into three compartments; the command compartment, the fighting compartment and the engine compartment. The two-man turret is located in the middle of the hull and is of welded steel construction with 16-mm thick frontal armor. The turret roof has two hatches, one for the gunner and the other for the loader. The track is the same as that used on the BMD Airborne combat vehicle.


Crew 4
Armamament 1 x 120mm mortar
range, conventional (km) 8.8
extended range 12.8
direct fire 0.8
ammunition type HE-Frag
laser guided
elevation (degrees) -4 to 80
traverse (degrees) 70
rate of fire (rpm) maximum 10
sustained 4
basic load 40-60 rounds
Length 6.02 m
Width2.63 m
Height2.3 m
Weight8,000 - 8,700 kg
emplace/displace time (min) 25895
speed, road (kph) 60
off road ?
swim (kph) 9
Side Slope30%
Fuel Capacity400 lit
Max Range500 km
trench crossing (m) 1.8 - 2
vertical step (m) 0.5 - 0.8
grade (degrees) 31
side slope (degrees) 19
ground clearance (mm) 450
Armor15mm(max) - Aluminum
NBC SystemYes
Night Vision EquipmentYes - infra red for driver

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