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2S23 Nona-SVK Self-Propelled Gun-Mortar

Nona-SVK is a BTR-80 variant armed with the 2A60 120 mm gun similar to that of 2S9. It is likely this vehicle will equip mortar batteries of BTR-equipped motorized rifle battalions. A battery of these vehicles was tested under operational conditions in Chechnya and lost one vehicle to a landmine. The 2S23 is LGM-capable.


range, conventional (km) 8.8
extended range 12.8
direct fire 0.8
ammunition type HE-Frag (3VOF49)
HE-Frag laser-guided how
HE-RAP how
HE-Frag how
Illumination mtr
Smoke (WP) mtr
Incendiary mtr
Chemical mtr
Flechette how
elevation (degrees) -4 to 80
traverse (degrees) 70
rate of fire (rpm) maximum 10
sustained 4
basic load 30
emplace/displace time (min) 1
weight (mt) 14.5
speed, road (kph) 70
off road 40
swim (kph) 10
road range 600
trench crossing (m) 2
vertical step (m) 0.5
grade (degrees) 31
side slope (degrees) 19
ground clearance (mm) 480
fording amphibious
crew 4-6
remarks BTR chassis

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