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203mm self-propelled gun

It was reported in 1995 that a program to develop 203mm self-propelled howitzer had been in progress for several years, with a prototype tested in 1995. The system is based on a Chinese copy of the M107/M110 chassis with a domestic 203mm gun and lifting mechanism. The weapon can fire standard NATO 203mm ammunition types, along with an extended range full-bore base-hollow high-explosive (ERFBHB HE) projectile with a range of 24 miles, and a base-bleed (ERFBBB HE) projectile with a range of over 30 miles. It is claimed to be compatible with submunition projectiles, such as anti-tank mines and terminally guided, nuclear, biological or chemical warheads. As of 1999 there was no indication that this project had moved beyond the prototype stage.


Max Road Speed 55 km/hr
Weight28,500 kg
Range 24 miles / 40 km = extended range full-bore hollow-base(ERFBHB)
30 miles / 50 km = extended range full-bore base-bleed (ERFBBB)
  • high-explosive
  • submunition projectiles
  • anti-tank mines
  • terminally guided
  • nuclear, biological or chemical
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