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XM931 120mm Full Range Training Cartridge (FRTC)

The XM931 FRTC is a 120mm Training Cartridge used to simulate the M934 HE Cartridge on the M121 120mm Mortar System. The M931 Cartridge is designed for use with the M120 and M121 120mm Mortar Systems to provide realistic training for 120mm mortar crews at reduced costs. The M931 is ballistically similar to the M934 High Explosive Cartridge and will also match the M934 in size, shape and weight. The M931 is equipped with the M781 Practice Fuze, a facsimile of the M734A1 Multi-Option Fuze. The M781 fuze produces a flash, bang and smoke signature that provides audio/visual feedback to the mortar crew and forward observer. The M931 Cartridge will not exceed 75% of the unit production cost of the M934 Cartridge.

The M931 consists of the following major components:

Significant Facts & Characteristics

Maximum Range..........7200 meters
Minimum Range..........200 meters
Maximum Rate of Fire.........16 rounds/min (first minute)
Sustained Rate of Fire..........4 rounds/min
Type Classified (Standard)..........August 1996

Contractor: POCAL
Procurement Type: Development
Contract Type: Cost + Incentive Fee
Scope: Development Contract
Special Provisions: Sole Source

Sources and Resources

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