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XM767 60mm Infrared (IR) Illuminating Cartridge

The XM767 is a material change to the M721 Illuminating cartridge, and will be used with the lightweight company mortar system M224. The XM767 will provide IR illumination to the full range of the M720 HE cartridge and enhance night vision capabilities for soldiers with night vision devices for illuminating target areas to facilitate adjustment of fire. The projectile is loaded with an illuminant candle assembly and parachute assembly. The M721 and M767 are identical with the exception of the illuminant candle composition. The M721 contains a standard illuminant mix which provides approximately 300,000 candlepower of light whereas the M767 contains an infrared illuminant mix which provides approximately 75 watts/steradian of IR light with less than 350 candelpower of visible light. The M767 was designed for use with standard night vision devices. The M721/767 is equipped with the M776 Mechanical Time Fuze which functions at a user-specified time after launch. When the fuze functions it initiates the candle assembly and separates the front and rear projectile segments. As the parachute deploys, the candle burns, providing the required illumination over the target area.

The M721/767 consists of the following major components:
Charge Zone
1124 m/s200 m900 m
2170 m/s300 m1800 m
3210 m/s450 m2600 m
4244 m/s600 m3200 m

Maximum Rate of Fire.........30 rounds/min (2 minutes)
Sustained Rate of Fire..........15 rounds/min
Cartridge Weight..........1.7 kg (3.75 lb)
Height of Burst.......... 425 m (M767)
Burn Time.......... 55 sec (M767)
M767 Type Classified (Low Rate Production)..........May 1997

Contractor: Pine Bluff Arsenal
Procurement Type: Production
Previous Contracts: 0
Contract Type: Cost Plus
Production Qty: 800
Special Provisions: Govt Owned/Govt Operated

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