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This cartridge is a current standard item of issue for use in the Thompson submachine gun, M1928A1, for observation of fire, and incendiary purposes. It may, however, also be used for signal purposes in the automatic pistol. Visual indentification.-The cartridge is readily identified by its red-tipped bullet, and the fact that the cartridge case has no cannelure. The bullet has a round nose and a flat base. It consists of three parts-a gilding metal jacket, which is painted red for a distance of approximately 3/16 inch from the tip, a slug of lead hardened with antimony in the forward portion of the jacket, and a tracer mixture in the rear portion. The over-all length of the bullet is .857 inch. The case may be crimped to the bullet and a pull of approximately 40 pounds is required to extract the bullet from the case.

Exterior ballistics

Average maximum rum pressure.-18,000 pounds per square inch.
Velocity.-From submachine gun, 975 feet per second at 25.5 feet from muzzle.
Accuracy.-Fire within a mean radius of 8 inches. at 100 yards.
Range of trace.-200 yards.

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