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HU-25 Falcon

Forty-one HU-25A, medium range surveillance fan jets replaced the HU-16E Albatross and the C-131A Samaritan prop driven aircraft, in the Coast Guard aviation fleet. The Guardian's modern technology and design enhances it's performance as the services first multi-mission jet. It is twice as fast as previous Coast Guard fixed wingaircraft and can get to the scene quickly to perform its role.

The HU-25A can operate from sea level to an altitude of 42,000feet at dash speed, an important capability for the Coast Guard missions of search and rescue, enforcement of laws and treaties, including illegal drug interdiction, marine environmental protection and military readiness.

The airframes were assembled in Little Rock, Arkansas at Falcon Jet Corporation, a subsidiary of Dassault-Brequet Aviation. The acrylic search window, drop hatch for delivery of emergency equipment to vessels, and other fuselage modifications unique to Coast Guard aircraft were made at Grumman Aircraft Corporation in New York. The Garrett turbo fan engines were manufactured in Phoenix, Arizona specifically for the aircraft's long flights. The computer controlled air navigation system was built by Rockwell International, Collins Avionics group in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The Guardian has surveillance system operators (SSO) console including Texas Instruments radar with 160-mile range, manufactured in Dallas, Texas.


Major Missions Search and Rescue/Law Enforcement
Environmental Response/Air Interdiction Maximum Gross Weight
32,000 lbs.
Fuel Capacity 10431 lbs.
Empty Weight 25,500 lbs
Operating Range 2045 NM
Overall Length 55 Ft.
Crew 2 pilots, 3 crewman
Overall Span 22 Ft.
Wing span 54 ft
Maximum height 18 Ft.
Powerplants Two Garrett ATF3-6 turbo-Fan engines rated at 5440 pounds thrust each.
Cruising Speed 350-410 knots
Endurance 5.75 hours
Number in service 41

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