Extra Large Deployable Aircraft Hangar Systems


for the


30 Oct 98

PROGRAM APPROACH: Conduct a streamlined acquisition program using existing commercial technology, hardware and documentation to procure an Extra Large Deployable Aircraft Hangar System. The System will consist of a shelter, Environmental Control System (ECS), and utility interfaces.

PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS: The Contractor shall deliver the system and components that meet the requirements of the Contract Line Item Number (CLIN), the System Performance Specification (SPS) and this Statement of Objectives (SOO).

PROGRAM OBJECTIVES: Provide an XLDAHS that is air transportable, affordable, durable, and easy to erect, maintain, and function at worldwide locations.

    1. Maintain inside environmental conditions to allow aircraft maintenance operations at a forward deployed location
    1. Provide a shelter capable of withstanding the environmental conditions (wind and snow loads)
    1. Minimal installation and erection time with common parts
    1. Minimal system weight and packed volume (C-141 transportable)
    1. Affordable lifecycle costs
    1. Twenty (20) year storage life and twenty (20)erection/teardown cycles
    1. Contractor provided initial training and commercial technical manuals
    1. Reliable, durable, and available. Maintainable and reparable using standard or common tools
    2. Operational with or without environmental control system