USAF Combat Rescue AoA AoA Analysis

17 November 1999

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Table of Contents

USAF Combat Rescue AoA AoA Analysis


Overall Analysis Concept

Level of Detail

Analysis Parts


Alternatives Provided to the AoA Team

Analysis Parts: Initial Force Structure

Initial Force Structure

HH-60G Fleet

Analysis Parts: Solution Space Analysis

Solution Space Analysis

High Level Cost

High Level Effectiveness

Best Potential Alternatives

Analysis Parts: Detailed Analysis

Detailed Analysis

Detailed Analysis - continued

Detailed Cost Analysis

Costing Tasks

Life Cycle Cost Estimate

Quantities and Schedule (Notional)

Detailed Analysis - continued

Effectiveness Analysis

Develop Mission Sets


Terminal Area

Mission Modeling

CSAR Operations Modeling

Off-line Analysis

Results Analysis



Combat Rescue Mission Area Tasks

Mission Task 1: Deploy / Re-Deploy Forces

MT1, MOE Relationships

Mission Task 2: Conduct Rescue Mission

MT2, MOE Relationships

Mission Task 3: Maintain Aircraft and Generate Sorties

MT3, MOE Relationships


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