USAF Combat Rescue AoA AoA Overview

17 November 1999

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Table of Contents

USAF Combat Rescue AoA AoA Overview


What is an AoA? (OASP-98-1)

Who Uses an AoA? (OASP-98-1)

Who Performs an AoA? (OASP-98-1)

AoA Deliverables

Guidance Documents

Getting Started

Study Team Organization

Other Agencies on the AoA

Functional Area Structure (FAS)

FAS: AoA Management and Oversight

FAS: Mission Requirement Analysis

FAS: Concept Development and Evaluation

FAS: Analysis Methods and Tools

FAS: Concept Refinement

FAS: Conduct Comparative Analysis

FAS: Produce Final Report and Coordinate Documentation

AoA Execution Schedule

Long Term Schedule

Current Status


Author: Fulk