The E-6A/B, derived from the Boeing 707, is a command, control, and communications (C3) platform. The E-6A's Take Charge and Move Out (TACAMO) mission provides multiple C3 links for Emergency Action Message (EAM) relay from the National Command Authority to strategic and non-strategic operating forces. Designed to support a robust and flexible nuclear deterrence posture into the 21st century, the E-6B is currently incorporating Airborne National Command Post (ABNCP) equipment from retiring U.S. Air Force EC-135Cs. E-6As became fully operational in 1992, and E-6B initial operational capability will occur in 1998.

E-6As transmit and receive secure and non-secure voice and data at very low, low, and high frequencies, and also via UHF line-of-sight and satellite communications systems. The E-6A can deploy a 28,000-foot trailing-wire antenna and a 5,000-foot short trailing-wire antenna for Very Low Frequency (VLF) communications with submerged ballistic missile submarines. With in-flight refueling, the E-6B ABNCP is capable of providing up to 72 airborne hours of decision-level conferencing, force management, situation monitoring, and communications support.

The E-6B retains all E-6A capabilities and adds:

Follow-on improvement programs under consideration are a Multi-function Display System (MDS) for meeting Federal Aviation Administration and ICAO flight management and terminal requirements, and additional satellite C3 capabilities for improved Global Command and Control System interoperability supporting theater CINC missions.
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