The EP-3E is the Navy's land-based SIGINT reconnaissance aircraft based on the Orion airframe. The 12 aircraft in the Navy's inventory provide fleet and theater commanders worldwide with near real-time tactical SIGINT. With sensitive receivers and high-gain dish antennas, the EP-3E can exploit a wide range of electronic emissions from deep within enemy territory.

The Aries is currently undergoing a sensor system improvement program that will enhance its connectivity over a range of C4I links. In addition, mission software improvements will link offboard and onboard sensors, creating a fused tactical picture of the battlespace that can be used by the crew or sent in near real-time to other warfighters. The EP-3E will also act as a Department of Defense prototype for the high-band subsystem of the Joint SIGINT Avionics Family (JSAF). The JSAF program will provide the EP-3E with an open-architecture, state-of-the-art collection system capable of exploiting threat emissions through the year 2010.

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